Helping people make change, when change is hard

Health & Wellness Education

  • Explore the importance of health and wellness foundations:
    • Movement
    • Nutrition
    • Relationships
    • Sleep
    • Stress Management
  • Learn to navigate current health trends and information overload
  • Use newly acquired knowledge and skills to create a personal health and wellness road map

Health Coaching

  • Build skills to improve self-efficacy, resilience, and critical thinking  
  • Leverage accountability and positive psychology to define internal motivation, identify obstacles, resolve barriers, and meet client-specified goals
  • Partner with practitioners to implement treatment plans, therapeutic diets, and other complex health interventions

Health Advocacy

  • Expand understanding of medical diagnosis and root cause from a Functional Medicine framework
  • Assist in formulating questions and building vocabulary to improve communication with client’s health care team
  • Develop understanding of treatment options, alternatives, benefits, and risks
  • Empower clients to ask questions and take ownership of their own health