Helping people make change, when change is hard

Abby Hand is a Master’s-Prepared Nurse, Certified Epigenetic Coach, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, and Wellness Consultant based in beautiful Austin, Texas

My passion is to help people with chronic disease improve their quality of life and take ownership of their health.

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“Abby provides an integral level of support that has been necessary while navigating my healing journey. Her high-level medical training, coupled with her professional health coaching certification was the driving factor in my decision to work with her. Abby’s knowledge of all things diet and lifestyle, fused with her fun teaching abilities, continues to motivate me to keep learning and growing. She entered my life at the most divine time and I’m forever grateful.”

-Kim H.

“Abby’s deep knowledge of medicine and nutrition, paired with her exceptional listening and communication skills, mean she can hear you on a deep level and use her expertise to tailor a wellness plan to address your needs. I appreciate her compassion, her flexibility, and her practicality– this is not someone who will try to convince you that there’s only one way to be healthy. Instead, she’ll help you figure out what health and wellness look like for you, and then help you find a path to get there. Abby is passionate about this work and very, very good at what she does.”

-Elizabeth K.


Hand Wellness, PLLC is a Health and Wellness Consulting practice based in beautiful Austin, TX. Services focus on wellness education, building positive health habits and navigating the health quagmire. Clients connect virtually or in person.

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